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Basic Tarot 101 with Santosh LaMarche

This workshop offers a basic overview of the Tarot, where participants will learn about the archetypes and symbols represented in the Major and Minor Arcana, the suits and what they represent, the court cards, how the cards can tell a story to guide us and affirm our own inner knowing as we navigate through life's decisions. You will experience the Tarot personally and will have the opportunity to give yourself or a partner a mini-reading using what you have learned in the workshop. All participants will receive a 30 minute private reading or lesson at no additional charge, to experience the Tarot for yourself.

Santosh LaMarche has been reading the Tarot for several years, in the Bay Area at East West Bookshop in Mountain View CA, in Portland at New Renaissance Bookstore, and here at the Sacred Money Studios and Prosperity Pie Shop in Multnomah Village on Sundays. He sees the Tarot as a means of empowering those he reads for, to help them to make life- affirming choices and to move forward in whatever areas they are choosing to go.

Workshop Cost $39 Includes a 30 minute reading to be scheduled separately.